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The age at which a person is deemed legally competent to consent to sexual activity varies widely around the world - and even within Europe.

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Some feminists believe that prostitution harms women and reinforces stereotypical views about women as sex objects.

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Decriminalization of prostitution treats prostitution like any other labor and is subject to minimal or no special regulations. Other feminists believe that prostitution is a valid choice for women who wish to engage in it. Thirteen states allow and regulate prostitution.

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Germany also allows brothels, advertisements, and job offers through HR companies. Sex work cannot be operated on-premises such as a brotheland cannot be solicited in public. Prostitution is seen as a major issue for religious groups and causes controversy within feminist activism.

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Prostitution is legal under federal law in Mexico. However, working as independent sex workers and soliciting services in private is legal.

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In Thailandprostitution is illegal; however, laws are ambiguous and unenforced. The legalization of prostitution allows prostitution and employment of prostitutes to be legal but is regulated. Abolitionism considers prostitution legal; however, public solicitation, operating brothels, and pimping are prohibited.

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Prostitution occurs in a variety of forms, and its legality varies from country to country. Sex work in Thailand is a ificant economic incentive for rural, unskilled women with financial obligations such as dependents or debts. Neo-abolitionism considers prostitution to be violence against women, and so the clients and pimps are prosecuted, not the prostitute. There are an estimated 42 million prostitutes around the world.

Prostitution is legal in 53 of these countries, limited legal in 12, and illegal in Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal CIA's World Factbook Saint Vincent And The Grenadines.

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Pimping is illegal in most parts of Mexico. In Germanyprostitution is legal and taxed. Brothels are permitted in counties where prostitution is legal, and both brothels and prostitutes are subject to federal income taxes.

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The legality of prostitution in Australia varies considerably between states and territories, which each have their own laws. There are different types of legality when it comes to prostitution. Prohibitionism means that prostitution is illegal.

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Prostitution in Canada is legal with strict regulations. Where is prostitution legal in the United States? Prostitution is illegal in every state except for some counties in Nevada. Prostitution is the practice, business, or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone in exchange for payment.

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Below is a table of countries around the world and each of their legal stances on prostitution. Some countries have different local laws regarding prostitution. Germany passed the Prostitutes Protection Act inwhich was intended to protect prostitutes by requiring a permit for all prostitution trades and a prostitute registration certificate.

Its legality reflects different opinions on exploitation, gender roles, ethics and morality, freedom of choice, and social norms.

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Las Vegas and Reno are within these counties, meaning prostitution is illegal in both cities; however, most prostitution in Nevada occurs illegally in Reno and Las Vegas. In Western AustraliaNorthern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmaniaindependent sex work is legal and not regulated, but brothels are illegal.