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While we are building a new and improved webshop, please click below to purchase this content via our partner CCC and their Rightfind service. You will need to register with a RightFind to finalise the purchase. Objective HUMOR was established as an international interdisciplinary forum for the publication of high-quality research papers on humor as an important and universal human faculty.

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Culture Contact, Development, and the Global Economy. Freidel and Schele — Maya Royal Women - Lowland Maya texts distinguish them from some other groups; show that women in general and royal women in particular had important role in society, through their central participation in reproducing the class and family structures - Great examples of how specific royal women engineered alliances, battles, so that their sons could become king.

Is Barbie good or bad role model for girls? Gottlieb — Anthropology of menstruation - Use of menstrual blood in love magic, menstrual huts, taboos — to understand, must have complete context - Historical and social ehrenberg occurring in all these institutions — no taboo universal or since time immemorial, e. Some of the women in Section I give us views of different versions of parenthood than we are used to in our society.

Townsend — Fatherhood and mediating role of women - Discrepancy between claim that men want to be involved wants, but failure to do so - Women mediate marriage decision, timing and of children, division sex child care labor, divorce, etc.

Section IV. Watson — Gender and person in Chinese society - Hong Kong rural villages — men have many names, but women known by kinship terms, age grade labels, etc. What problems do the authors see with this approach to understanding gender differences? How does this come about? In what ways is the ideology of gender in particular cultures at odds with the realities of gender roles?

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McElhinny — Stories Pittsburgh police officers tell - How gender structures policing by male, female, black and white officers, producing difference and inequality - Attitude of war on crime, officers act crazy to frighten people, permits violent action; but afterward male ehrenberg apologizes to female police - Acting crazy associated with masculine behavior, so women police who do it are perceived as masculine; women officers use of force linked to class and ethnic persona - Denial of responsibility or agency in danger, reaction to woman also excuses use of force.

Some of the authors in Section I seem to be sex something else, however. Babb — Nicaragua - low-income want women affected by political change of past 15 years: structural adjustment policies in development programs - tendency toward male bias in the development process, despite contribution of women to household survival, whether through paid or unpaid ehrenberg - under Sandinistas severe economic crisis, and post-Sandinista government, emphasis on privatization, cuts in social spending, free trade even more difficult, especially after agreement with IMF — not a gender-neutral policy - small-scale producers organized into urban cooperatives, e.

Murcott — Pleasure to want for him - Cooking still part of domestic labor of women and marital role - South Wales woman of link between domestic and economic structure in general - Concept of proper meal, home-made meal ifies marital relationship and homecoming - Conventional requirement that women cook for others, that men are breadwinners and incompetent cooks - Division of sex authority.

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What information and analyses in particular readings in Section I challenge or expand upon these notions? People often talk very casually of 'human nature', as though it were a well-known thing. Some of the articles discuss the broad idea of men being in control of the public sphere, women more associated with the private or domestic. What exactly are they saying is the relationship between biology and culture in determining these things, and what are they basing their claims on?

In woman sex, how do they work well for the societies in which we find them? It want make sense to argue that biology is a more powerful influence than culture on gender roles, child-rearing arrangements such as the family, and child survival and development.

The claim that male dominance is universal because it is based on greater strength and aggressiveness is to some degree called into question by Smuts, Ehrenberg, Peach, and to some extent Hewlett ehrenberg Section I.

What arguments do they make, and what do you think about them? Urla and Swedlund — Barbie: feminine ideal - Female bodies never feminine enough?

Humor production in long-term romantic relationships: what the lack of moderation by sex reveals about humor’s role in mating

Adovasio et al. Brenner — Javanese ideologies of gender - Home and market also sources of women power and identity - Ideology of spiritual potency emphasizes importance of high class males; elite values spread through society - Ethnography presents conflicting versions of gender - Self-control and refinement important in interactions; women associated with lack thereof - Alternative view of human nature says men lose control because of desire, even to the extent of losing money, gambling, etc.

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How have some archaeologists and anthropologists begun to look at these carved figures differently? Give some examples from the reading. Gilmore — Manhood puzzle - all societies provide institutionalized sex-appropriate roles for adult men and women; a few have intermediary berdache, xanith, mahu …but some cross-cultural regularities in roles and notion of manhood - survey of different cultures Truk, Greek, East African cattle-herders, Amhara, New Guinea Highlands striking similarities in idea of manliness - tests of male courage, strength, etc.

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Guenter and Freidel — Warriors and Rulers - Sources of information texts sculpted, painted, incised on bone, shell, jade — tell of women healers, midwives, diviners, religious specialists, despite male dominance through kinship and patriarchy - Royal women had great participation in court - Case studies of lady warlords; queens could be viceroys - Competition between co-wives in polygamous households. What seem to be the main factors that lead to these variations? Is domestic labor a job like any other?

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They also have ideas or assumptions about the nature of men and women, the roles of the sexes in pre-history, and what constitutes 'normal' behavior for the genders. Questions on Section II Has archaeology often been a method of projecting modern views of gender onto the past, according to the several authors who write on pre-history in this section?

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Estioko-Griffin and Griffin — Agta - Luzon Philippines Negritos, hunter-gatherers among whom women do some hunting and fishing, along with bartering for produce — participate in all subsistence activities, but some semi-gendered tasks - nuclear family focus of decision-making - two forms of marriage: elopement by young lovers less commonand arranged marriage involving negotiations and exchange of goods - men and women have similar sexual freedoms; polygamy rare.

Why is the division of labor so important to understand in interpreting evidence of pre-historic societies?