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Men score higher than women on measures of sensation-seeking, defined as a willingness to engage in novel or intense activities. This sex difference has been explained in terms of evolved psychological mechanisms or culturally transmitted social norms. We investigated whether sex differences in sensation-seeking have changed over recent years by conducting a meta-analysis of studies using Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale, version V SSS-V.

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While some girls would have recoiled in shame and taken a vow of chastity until they were six feet underground, I only stood a little taller. The truth is that most us stand somewhere in the middle. While growing up, we are conditioned to feel awkward about sex and ashamed for wanting to experience it, terrorized into believing that it is morally wrong. No physical traits will give away our secrets, but maybe our astoundingly good mood will. Boys, on the other hand, are often introduced to porn by their older brothers, celebrate when they finally swipe their V-cards and are encouraged to keep things casual. Sex is seen as fun, dirty and exciting: an adventure to go on multiple times with as many partners as possible.

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It's no longer challenging to find someone in your area to hook up with. Cons: Occasional website glitches. January 04, Reader partners Corvelay Media Inc. Pros: Exclusively for casual sex Tons of users Open-minded site. Pros: Conducive to casual relationships Nice interface. Pros: Very reliable Tons of users.

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Pros: Great for hooking up while on a vacation or business trip. Cons: Better for long-term relationships Older user-base. Cons: Small user-base Limited matches. Cons: Pricey Everyone is older. Cons: Some web glitches. Pros: Modern app de Popular Trusted. Pros: Works quickly Fun to explore.

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Cons: Pricey Tedious -up Better for long-term relationships. Cons: Feels old school No interesting features. Cons: Better for relationships.

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Pros: Young beautiful women Well-known Trusted. Cons: Lots of room for catfishing.

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Pros: Women in the driver's seat Takes the pressure off Modern app. Cons: Extremely expensive. Cons: Expensive Better for romance.


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Cons: More for serious relationships Men have no control. Cons: Has received lousy press for encouraging affairs. Cons: Babies will want you to spoil them.

Sex differences in sensation-seeking: a meta-analysis

And you can even try a few for free! Back in the day, you'd have to shoot your shot at the local dive bar or hope to run into someone who was down to hang out.

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Pros: Totally free Plenty of users Active site. Cons: Some functionality issues.

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Pros: Meet smart, educated people Modern app. Cons: Annoying and in-depth up process Geared towards serious relationships.

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Adult FriendFinder click to enlarge. Pros: Talk to matchmakers in person Feels like a concierge for dating or hookups. Cons: Pricey A bit snobbish.

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Pros: Can really get to know someone. Pros: Great for poly relationships Made for finding threesome partners. Pros: Popular and well-known Great interface.

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Cons: Outdated web de. There are plenty of hookup sites available, and some are better than others.