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Breakups are rarely easy, and there's often a lot to think about and process once you find yourself single again. Perhaps hardest of all, though, is figuring out the best time to date after a breakup. If you ask one friend, they'll urge you to get back out there immediately.

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One of the hardest things to do after you break up with someone is re-adapt to being single. Have you spent some quality time with yourself? Allow yourself to feel all the feelings — even the ugly ones that make you want to throw stuff against the wall. You can own up to the role you played in the breakup. Part of moving on is being able to own up to your own personal BS and mistakes — even if that mistake was dating your ex in the first place. I learned the hard way that sometimes getting your stuff back from an ex cough.

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Back Today. Suzanne Degges-White Ph. Here are seven questions to ask yourself before you re-enter the dating pool. Read Next.

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So you're not a "10" in every which way. The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Get Listed Today. The Ultimate Guide to Breakups. But you're probably pretty spectacular in some way, and definitely good enough in most areas of life.

13 experts reveal the best time to date after a breakup

Turning Your Breakup Into a Breakthrough. Most Popular in Canada. Lifetime Connections.

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Suzanne Degges-White, Ph. Back Psychology Today. We need to be able to look objectively at who we are in relation to others as well as how we are in relationships with others.

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If all you ever think about is how the new potential partners you meet stack up against your ex, you are not going to be able to truly see a new person for who they truly are just yet. Human beings crave the comfort of relationships that bring them a sense of connection, belongingness, and support.

When you lose a mainstay that gives shape to your daily life, even if the relationship was rockier or less functional than ideal, you may feel painfully bereft.

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After a bad breakup, you may feel that you never want to trust another soul with your heart ever again. Verified by Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Zhang, J. Self-compassion promotes positive adjustment for people who attribute responsibility of a romantic breakup to themselves. One of the most productive ways of getting through a breakup is through the process of reflection and meaning-making.

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References Frost, D. About the Author. Rather than focusing solely on the dissolution of the relationship, focusing on the events within the relationship and personal development that was driven by experiences within the relationship, you can explore the ways in which you functioned in the relationship and ways in which events offered lessons that added to your own development.

5 s you're not ready to start dating again after a breakup

For some, the sense of loss or abandonment felt after a breakup is similar to the feelings experienced during bereavement. Posted Dec 19, Reviewed by Jessica Schrader. Back Magazine. If ever there were a time to stop beating yourself up for being human, it is now.

When to start dating again after a breakup

Frost, D. Making meaning of ificant events in past relationships. Back Get Help. You Are Good Enough So you're not a "10" in every which way.

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