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Central Court will handle preliminary hearings for those in prison or out on bail, President Judge Michael Koury says. Dartmouth College provost Joseph J. Helble will succeed John D.

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In order to preserve evidence, you should not bathe, brush your teeth, 18015 change your clothing prior to the completion of the forensic evidence exam. But, if law enforcement makes a valid request that the University temporarily delay in its investigation while the police gather evidence, the University will comply with this request for a brief time. A criminal investigation may be pursued concurrently with the University's investigation. Yes, you may file a complaint simultaneously with both the University and LUPD, or you can decide to only pursue action through the legal system or only through the University process.

Karen A. If you have questions regarding Title IX or Lehigh's policies or procedures as they relate to sexual misconduct, or would dating to file a bethlehem involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct, please contact Ms. Salvemini at:. The phrase "gender violence" covers a broad range of behaviors that often include conduct beyond behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct under the University's definition of sexual misconduct. University policy generally defines "sexual misconduct" as sexual assault, which includes rape, fondling, incest, and statutory rape.

Title IX also prohibits retaliation against any person because sex individual files a complaint or participates in a Title IX investigation.

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As such, Lehigh has developed policies and procedures addressing incidents of harassment and sexual misconduct, and takes steps to respond promptly and effectively to allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct. Any prior disciplinary history will also be considered in determining the appropriate sanction. In addition, the hospitals listed above are equipped with S. A forensic evidence exam should be completed within 96 hours of an assault to preserve evidence in the event you decide you would like to prosecute.

Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley E. Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape The Gender Violence Support Advocates Program "Advocates" is a network of dedicated and compassionate staff and faculty members who are trained to assist survivors of gender violence.

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Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of "Title IX" is a federal law that protects people from discrimination on the basis 18015 sex bethlehem educational programs and activities that receive federal funds. How does Lehigh determine whether a student has violated the University's polices regarding sexual harassment and sexual misconduct? The office also bethlehem students support by providing information about campus and community resources, interim measures, and information about university policies and procedures.

Third, there are numerous resources, both on and off campus, available for support. You may also file a complaint about sexual misconduct by completing the online Sex Violence Reporting Form at lehigh. Break the Silence, the dating educator gender violence prevention education group, aids in these educational efforts. Once the police have gathered its evidence, the University will its investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, a report will be drafted and a panel will review the report and determine whether a violation of University policy occurred.

If you'd like to file a complaint against a student, faculty, or staff member for violation of the University's policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, or would like to request an informal meeting to discuss a complaint, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Karen A. Salvemini at sex eocc lehigh. There are several reporting options available to you if you are a survivor of sexual misconduct, or have witnessed sexual misconduct. Sometimes you use the phrase "gender violence" and sometimes "sexual misconduct. If I make a report or file a complaint, what kind of protection do I have against the offender or third parties who retaliate against me?

If it is determined that there may have been a dating of University policy, two investigators will conduct a thorough investigation by speaking with the parties, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing documentation, such as s, text messages, pictures, etc.

GVES works to change campus climate and culture around sexual assault, rape, intimate partner abuse, and stalking from a healthy relationship approach through both education and support. In the event that retaliation occurs, Lehigh will respond quickly 18015 pursue disciplinary action if appropriate.

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The University process generally takes no longer than 60 days to complete. If I fill out the Gender Violence Reporting Form, who will be looking at it and contacting sex about it? If I don't know whether I 18015 to report what happened, is there someone confidential that I can talk with? In the event that the panel determines that a University policy was violated, the panel will recommend possible sanctions to the Office of Student Conduct, who dating make the ultimate decision regarding the appropriate sanction.

First, if you experience or witness sexual misconduct or harassment, and you do not feel safe, you should immediately contact the Lehigh University Police Department "LUPD"located at E. Packer Avenue, at LUPD operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a bethlehem, days a year.

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Initially, the Title IX Coordinator will evaluate whether the situation as described could constitute a violation of University policy. If the University and the police are both investigating, do the investigations happen at the same time? If submitting a report or complaint anonymously, please provide as much information as possible, even if you think it may not be important, so that the University can investigate and respond to the best of its ability based on the information provided.

Advocates can be reached at What are my reporting options if I decide that I want to file a complaint?

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Filing a report with the police is separate from pursuing a complaint through the University's policies and procedures. Salvemini to report the incident. There are numerous on and off campus resources available to support you. In addition to the confidential resources identified above, the following campus resources can provide information and support following an incident of sexual misconduct:.

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Gender discrimination is prohibited in any educational program or activity, which includes but is not limited to, admissions and recruitment, financial aid and scholarships, athletics, and course offerings. GVES 18015 year-round educational programs in the form of campus-wide events, interactive workshops, awareness campaigns, and speakers. Advocates may accompany students to campus resources if the student desires to take advantage of them. Lehigh also prohibits retaliation against any individual who participates in the investigation of a report or complaint. Bethlehem submission of an anonymous complaint may limit the University's ability to investigate and respond to the complaint.

These resources are addressed in more detail below. When you see the phrase gender violence used instead of sexual misconduct or sexual assault, sex intention is to indicate that any harm or injury suffered because of your gender, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, is being addressed and referenced. The Title IX Coordinator also educates and trains on Lehigh's policies regarding sexual misconduct and the prevention of sex discrimination.

After reviewing the information on 18015 completed Form, these two offices will consult and determine the appropriate next steps, including which office will contact the individual responsible for completing and submitting the Form.

Any educational institution subject to Title IX must deate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX. The Title IX Coordinator, as the deated employee is referred to, oversees all complaints of sex discrimination by tracking and monitoring incidents involving sexual misconduct and investigating and responding to reports or complaints of sex discrimination. Limited medical services are also available on campus at the Health and Wellness Center, located at Johnson Hall, 3rd Floor, and reachable at The Health and Wellness Center cannot perform forensic evidence exams, but can provide medical attention and address the possibility of STIs and dating.

If bethlehem individual who has experienced sexual misconduct would like to file a report with the police you should sex LUPD by calling The police will take appropriate steps in response to your dating. Can I make a report anonymously with the University?

Sexual violence includes such sexual activity as rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, stalking, intimate partner violence, dating violence, and domestic abuse. Lehigh specifically prohibits retaliation in any way against an individual who files a report or complaint of sexual misconduct in good faith. Salvemini, Esq. What steps does Lehigh take to eliminate sexual harassment, including sexual misconduct?

Second, if you or your friend need medical attention, or to properly preserve evidence, medical services are available at the following local hospitals:. Lehigh University Police Department E. Packer Avenue Bethlehem Police Department non-emergencies.

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What if I want to make a report or file a complaint, but I don't want anyone to know who I am? Possible sanctions range from expulsion to suspension, with other lesser sanctions available depending on the specific violation of University policy and the facts and circumstances of the case. If you have questions regarding Title IX or Lehigh's policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, or would like to file a report or complaint, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Karen A.

What is Title IX? What type of behavior does Title IX cover?

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If I file a complaint with the University, how long does the process take? Other times, when specifically referring to sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, those behaviors specifically are being addressed and referenced. Lehigh University is committed to the elimination and prevention of sexual harassment, including sexual misconduct, on our campus.

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Title IX also prohibits discrimination against pregnant and parenting students. Can I dating a complaint with the University and with the police, or do I have to pick one? The complainant and the respondent will have an opportunity to 18015 witness notes and provide comments, additional questions, etc. In their role, Advocates provide initial support and referrals to survivors 24 bethlehem a day, 7 days a week, days a year. The University will not wait for a criminal investigation to conclude sex begin its own investigation and to resolve complaints under the University process.

Medical attention may be necessary to treat the full extent of any injury or physical trauma, and to discuss and address the possibility of sexually transmitted infections STIs and pregnancy. Title IX prohibits sexual harassment, which includes sexual violence.

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These reporting options are described in more detail below. It depends.

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Lehigh promptly investigates such incidents and takes appropriate action, including disciplinary action, against individuals found to have engaged in such behavior. You may choose to submit an anonymous report or complaint, but the submission of such an anonymous report or complaint may limit the University's ability to investigate and respond to the report or complaint.

Gender Violence Support Advocates, specially trained staff members, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year to provide assistance and support to survivors of sexual misconduct. Finally, there are also several reporting options available to you.