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I was concerned to learn that eating disorders have been rising among the young in Singapore. In a study, patients were found to be suffering from more severe forms of anorexia nervosa. They tend to have a lower body weight and body mass index BMI.

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For unlined options, look for stiffer fabrics.

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Most times, I go up two sizes because, in all honesty, these thighs need room to breathe. Next up, check out what five celebrity stylists would purge from my closet right now. Related Stories. Explore More: Pants curvy.

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The story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated by Anna LaPlaca. Accept the fact that not all pants are created equal.

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I had to dive in, and in the process, I learned a few lessons. As I grew up, I became fascinated with the fit of pants. Skip the overpriced tailors and just find someone who is really willing to work around your shape.

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But one day, a pair of pants caught my attention, and I decided to wear them to school, ignoring the "skirts only" rule. For instance, I can lust after low-rise boyfriend jeans or an ankle-length cigarette pants all I want, but the reality is these cuts just cling to me in all the wrong places.

I always get the waist taken in and occasionally the legs. The truth is bigger sizes make it possible to tailor trousers exactly to your body for the perfect fit. I also have the hems taken out to add some length.

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And most importantly, avoid too much stretch—it tends to make pants look low-quality. There is not one pair of pants in my closet that has not been nipped and tucked at my corner dry cleaner. Working in a business where women expend so much energy trying to exercise away their curves was insane to me. Gapping at the waist and tightness in the hips is just not my style.

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I personally love wearing my long trousers with heels so I look taller. Pants and I have not always seen eye to eye.

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All I wanted was to highlight my thin waist and bodacious behind. Not all pairs are going to fit you like they do on the model. But understand this means your fabric choice is that much more important.

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Bigger is better. As a result, I avoided wearing trousers for years because I could never find a pair that worked with my proportions.

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When I was 5 years old, my commitment to skirts and dresses was such that once, when my mother tried to force me into a pair of pants that were, in hindsight, totally adorable for school, I opted for an act of open defiance and decided to march to class in my underwear instead of giving in to the tyranny of trousers. After making a ruckus over the "no pants for girls" rule, the school changed its dress code, and everyone was allowed to wear them. I also secretly love when the salesperson says "Those are way too big for you.

I have never in my adult life purchased my actual size in pants. Sadly, this stint was short-lived, and I was suspended for a week. Keep scrolling to check them out.

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