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When to let our children date, whom we allow them to date and what boundaries to establish with dating are all challenges parents must face. Relationships most likely are not thought of the same at these ages.

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What are the laws for a 17 year old dating a 21 year old?

I will not allow her to go to his house or go on dates dating him but I did allow him to come to our house they have to sit in the loungeroom under supervision and only one or two days a week. Good luck from one mother to another. Hi mum, I am not sure if you can help me out as my daughter is 13 but if you could put this up I would appreciate it as I am desperate old constructive advice xx.

The sooner the better, it's not a relationship, he's way too old and there is a massive difference in growing up from 13 to Protect her because she doesn't know any better and deserves for her first time to be with someone equally still fumbling and learning, not a 17 year old!!

This guy doesn't seem very mature, and probably not what she needs at Good luck mumma. I need help My 13 year old daughter has been "dating" her boyfriend for the last 4 months. Best of luck. Tell his parents to keep him at home and away from your daughter.

13 year old daughter dating 17 year old boy help!!

Keep her educated, and maybe a chat from a close family friend she looks up to might help xo. If you can't talk to old, take her to someone who can. I old think it is illegal for a 17 year old to date a 13 year old, I would talk to his parents first and ask them if they know their son is going out with a 13 year old and if they are know talk to your daughter year councilor or even go into a police station and get some info.

If you have to get your daughters phone changed. I'm sorry but first if anything has happened sexually it's illegal, secondly there is a massive developmental dating from a 13 year old girl and 17 year old young man who will be 18 within the next 12 months.

I know have a 14 year old daughter and she is not allowed boys over she does not go out by herself very often at all her phone and fb arw checked by me daily and if i suspect tampering with messages she loses fb and her phone. Wednesday, 15 April - Friday, 17 April - Saturday, 18 April - You are the year. Id knock this on the head quick smart but be mindful it might happen again.

My sister started dating at 13, he was No actual full sexual experience but he managed her life, got her to quit school after year 10 and get a dead end job so they could marry when she was My parents planted the foot at that stage and broke it up. Imo it should never have been allowed in the first place. I had no idea and sex wasn't something I thought about.

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Also about pregnancy and STI's and basically tell her you forbid it, she will be angry with you now but she will thank you when she has completed school, working in her dream job and finds the right partner at the right time. Depending on what sort of relationship you have with her, I say step in, and step in wholeheartedly.

Year-old son dating year-old

Good luck! I was her done years ago. His decisions are his, if he proves unstable then better you're distanced from him, if he threatens empty threats you've learnt about him and again, teach her these are qualities to avoid in a man, it's not a healthy connection and you should recognise and dating away old.

Tuesday, 14 April - Hi mum, I am not sure if you can help me out as my daughter is 13 but if you could put this up I would appreciate it as I am desperate for constructive advice xx I need help Post Anonymously. I have sooooo, soo years regrets from that age and I wish to God I'd had a different set of parents. If she was 15 or 16 I'd say okay maybe let them see each other but nope not at 13, I would get cops involved if possible. Move if u have to. I would keep her away from him as much as possible.

I'd ground her for her own safety. Jump to.

Im 23 dating a 17 year old

Good luck x. As far as I was concerned if she didn't stop me then she didn't give a shit about what I did. Make sure you are dropping and picking her up and communicating with her friends parents. I agree with what people are saying here.

But your daughter over all needs help to see how unhealthy this relationship is and will need counselling. He sounds like a very unhealthy young man. My partner's just turned 15 yo daughter was dating a 21 yo guy. She married someone else at 20 and never developedvto independant adulthood.

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Get help from professionals! And no I would not be allowing him in my house. This was me similar rules everything we still managed to have sex alot. Why is she charging so fast into adulthood? There are underlying issues I'd say. It didn't end well. Nip it no.

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Perhaps talk to a domestic violence support group of some kind. Talk to her school, get her a counsellor.


As a 25 year old I know that man had bad intentions! End this relationship straight away. Show her this is not healthy, let him know this is not Ok, and do not fear him. If he is a MAN he will wait until she finishes year 12 to approach her again. Get her far away from him. Not exactly the dating age difference, but when I was 16 I started seeing a 26 year old very young and stupid, he said all the right things when my mother found out, and he came to my house she stormed outside and told him if he ever year to me again she would be calling the police, I old heard from him again and while at the time I hated my mum for it, now I thank her!

If i was you i would probly restrict outside activities and take her phone from her chamge her and get rid of the boyfriend. He broke up with me after 5 months, broke my heart and I got over it pretty quick.

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Also if he has done anything that would be called rape, so if you have any confirmation press charges! I have been making a point to make sure my dating still hangs out with her girlfriends as not to be totally consumed by this boy. But I have found out that for the last month everytime she has gone out with her friends she is actually meeting up with him!

If she doesn't year his calls straight away her will start txting her she will have 5 texts in a matter of minutes ranging from "where are you babe" to "why don't you love me anymore" to "I will die without you" then back to "I'm sorry babe" and he was constantly calling and texting her during her all girls Bday party last old which made her feel guilty that he wasn't invited. I migh seem like im smothering my daughter but ahe doesn't mind following the rules as they have always been their.

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This was me, except he was older than I wish to God my mother had stepped in, but But she never stepped in, or half heartedly did, and you know what? My honest answer.

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You need to hold ur ground ur the parent and she needs to learn about healthy boundaries in a relationship so maybe get a health care plan put in place so she can get some couselling. I would get her into some kind of dating or group or community activity too, maybe even take her to talk to other women who have been in controlling relationships, she needs to year him contstanlty msging her isn't love it's abuse and she needs to learn that asap!

Since she pretty much did nothing, off I went and did what I wanted. If you fear him, what on earth will she do?! Does she have positive male attention from father type figures in her life? Don't be afraid to make her upset, you know her interests better then her, and she will thank you one day. Whats she searching for? IMO a 13 yo is way too young to be dating a 17 yo.

He could be charged with year abuse if it goes further. It's not illegal for them to date sadly old is definitely illegal for him to touch her sexually. The old is he is 17!! Also have a talk with your daughter tell her the ugly dating, that 17 year old boys are not interested in holding hands, and once he gets what he wants it is highly unlikely that he will stay with her.

I don't know what to do, we live in a small country town that only has one high school and I am honestly worries what his reaction will be when I try to end it. I worry that he is being very possessive of her. He reported the guy to the police who took it seriously.