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For highly competitive programs beginning in the Fall, you'll want to apply by the Equal Consideration Date to make sure you have the best chance of getting in. After this date, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and many programs may be full. There are many programs that are still open after the Equal Consideration Date, as well as programs that start at different times of the year. Use our Find a Program date to find open programs and information on when to apply. The equal consideration date is the deadline for applying to highly competitive programs if you want your application to be considered on an equal basis with all other applicants.

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Writing the date as an ordinal if the year is included September 21st,or September twenty-first, is not recommended.

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September 11,was the beginning of a new era. Are there rules and standards or is it all a matter of personal taste and convenience? But, as Canadians are particularly aware, there are several ways to write dates in s.

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Why Do Minutes Count? Many organizations and individuals opt for all-numeric dates, especially for lists, forms and data that will eventually be handled by computer. What about abbreviations?

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Assessing translation memory functionalities A trilingual parliamentary glossary Baudelaire translated in prison by a translation professor Big bang and gazing into the twitterverse Bill Gates Protecting the Spanish Language? This not only improves readability for people who speak different languages, but makes it possible to perform sorting and mathematical operations without additional manipulation of the data.

If such "legalese" is necessary, these forms may be used:.

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Introduction Recherche par auteur Recherche par titre. Is there one correct way to write the date? In the most formal writing, such as contracts, invitations, plaques and presentation documents, it is usual to write out the entire date in words. The Canadian federal government guidelines for all-numeric dates are those found in the Federal Identity Program Manual, chapter 1. Passer au contenu Passer aux liens institutionnels.

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How can this conundrum be resolved? When decades are referred to by special nicknames, both words are capitalized: the Roaring Twenties, the Dirty Thirties, the Swinging Sixties. Does the date or the day come first? This should be changed to the cardinal form, September 21, Some sources including The Canadian Style recommend always writing out the names of the months in full, and abbreviating them only in layouts such as tables, forms and references.

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Rechercher dans Canada. Wordsleuthvol. If necessary, the months are abbreviated to three letters, as follows:. The answers vary according to context; however, there is some agreement among the sources consulted. Ordinal with year: September 21st, September twenty-first, The basic format without hyphens is appropriate when computer readability and storage space are of primary importance, and the extended format with hyphens when the document is intended for general readers.

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The practice of writing a date in both s and letters, enclosing one form in parentheses, should only be used in contracts and similar legal documents. Are you concerned about data security?

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Free the data! Centuries are referred to in lower case:. If the date is written in the order day-month-year, no commas are required before, date or between the components of the date:. It covers the date and time formats used in information interchange, although the standards for dates written in words are not addressed in that document.

Days and months are capitalized, but dates and years are not. A new era began on Tuesday, September 11, Although dates are read aloud as if they were ordinal s September twenty-firstit is correct to write the in either cardinal or ordinal form or, alternatively, to write out the whole date in words. Or is it the year? Avis important Bonne nouvelle!

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When should a date be written in s and when should it be written out all in words? May Jun. Other standard abbreviations for the months are used when space is a factor. Introduction to macros for language professionals Irish Terminology Planning Is dictation outmoded? If, however, the date given is month-day-year, the day and year are separated by a comma, and the year should normally be followed by a comma within the body of a sentence or sentence equivalent:.

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Saturday, the seventh of December, two thousand and two. What kind of punctuation is needed? ISO According to ISOboth dates and times are written in decreasing order of magnitude from left to right. Liens de la barre de menu commune English.

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What is a wiki? Europeans favour the day-month-year format, while Americans insist on month-day-year. Words only In the most formal writing, such as contracts, invitations, plaques and presentation documents, it is usual to write out the entire date in words. Is it September 21st or September 21? If the date is written in the order day-month-year, no commas are required before, after or between the components of the date: The meeting of 10 January did little to allay tensions.

Haut de la. In letters, academic papers and reports, most authorities recommend writing the month in full; they further agree that dates should be written either 14 July or July 14, Note that the day-month-year sequence has no date but if the month comes first, there is a comma after the day and within a sentence, a comma also follows the year. The confusion caused by Babel Through the Lens of History: Scheming Acadians and dates "dealt a blow to the head by fate" Through the Lens of History: Translating dominion as puissance : A case of absurd self-flattery?